Leadership Momentum

Corporate training in the U.S. is a $70 billion market, and 35% of that is spent on management and leadership training. Over the last several decades, the industry has produced a recipe for how to be a successful corporate leader: Be trustworthy and authentic, serve others (particularly those who work for and with you), be modest, and exhibit empathetic understanding and emotional intelligence.

But here’s the problem, says Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Jeffrey PfefferNone of that is working. Despite the tens of billions of dollars we pour into training-related books, attendance at inspirational speeches, workshops, conferences, and training sessions, the workplace today is as dysfunctional as ever. Organizations are filled with disengaged, dissatisfied employees who don’t trust their leaders, and those leaders, in turn, face shortened job tenures, career derailments, and dismissals.

Our Leadership Momentum programs employ a blend of assessment, individual and collective coaching and ongoing feedback designed to tap the collective wisdom within an organization by leveraging real-time business issues for higher learning and sustainable change.

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Tim was engaged at Data Return and was a key leader in developing and training our management team in a multi-quarter engagement. He was highly regarded by the entire team as he helped positively impact the lives of the participants in the leadership program.

STEVE ARMOND Executive VP and CFO Abeo