Our Story

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions.”

~ Richard Branson


“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.”

~ Lord Acton

Our story begins in a small Buddhist monastery in South Korea in the late 1950’s.  During this time, a young boy named Yi was a resident student studying martial arts. One day a group of business men visited the mountain monastery seeking the guidance of the temple’s Bup Sa (headmaster).  The boy watched carefully as the men visited with the headmaster the entire day.  When the men left, Yi asked his teacher who the strangely dressed men were and why he spent the entire day speaking with them.  His teacher explained they were governmental leaders of their burgeoning nation seeking guidance on how to lead the country forward after a bitter civil war.

As a young martial artist, I first heard my teacher Yi share this story with students to teach us the importance of having a strong philosophy to guide our training and our life.  Intrigued by my teacher’s story I was determined to learn how a humble monk could become so respected and valued that a country’s leaders would seek his counsel.

In addition to an electrical engineering career, I taught martial arts in the evenings throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. The strong philosophy passed on by my teacher was appealing to the professionals and leaders in my classes who then began seeking perspective on matters beyond the martial arts.  These conversations in the dojang were the beginning of our firm.

In 1997 I left a successful engineering career and began working with leaders applying the same principles and practices passed on by my teacher and his teacher.

Today, JohnPress Leadership Advisory works with coaches, entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide with the simple focus of helping them reach the Next-Level in their lives and their businesses.

Who We Are

JohnPress Leadership Advisory is a firm specializing in accelerating personal and professional effectiveness. We collaboratively partner with clients using our proprietary 8 Gate Matrix™ methodology to unlock the cumulative wisdom and potential within leaders, their teams and businesses to create extraordinary results. With a focus on leadership development, strategy and organizational design our seasoned advisors commission leading-edge thinking, timeless performance principles and a suite of proven tools, processes and learning assets to create extraordinary personal and professional value for our clients.

Our Purpose

To serve as valued partner to clients unlocking and unleashing their highest potential.

Our Vision

Inspire and ignite change in service of the greater good.
Create systems where people can realize their highest potential.
Drive sustainable performance, growth and profits.


“Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” 

~ José Ortega y Gasset



Tell the truth. Walk your talk. Serve selflessly. Care.


Be humble and show respect.  Cultivate the power of connection.


Lean into and leverage vulnerability.  Work the edge fearlessly and celebrate new discoveries.


Embrace everything with a beginner’s mind and a champion’s heart.  Learning united with action becomes mastery.


How you do anything is a reflection of how you do everything.  Set expectations and exceed them.


Make things fun. Laugh out loud.


Timothy JohnPress

Timothy JohnPress

Managing Partner
Tova JohnPress

Tova JohnPress

Sheila Buechler

Sheila Buechler

Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis




Tim has provided several of my clients with intense, thought-provoking, and life-changing facilitation services. He doesn't stay on the surface but dives deeply into each individual's personal leadership style. Once there, he holds the space for the individual to grow and develop into the type of leader he or she most desires. He is incredibly talented and I'd recommend him to anyone who wants more than a "checkbox" program.
Susan Franzen
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Organizational EffectivenessThe University of Texas System
I am not a big fan of professional coaches and tend to think I have all the answers. But Tim is exceptional. If you are looking for a career coach he is your man. He will help you find your passion and pursue it, overcoming mental barriers that even the most skilled professional can erect.
Thomas Vinson
Program Director at the University of Texas at Arlington
I highly recommend Tim. He has a powerful presence that is very energizing. When he is with me, on the phone or in person, he raises my focus and self-awareness with his strategies, experience, and insight. He has helped me create “unlocking moves” that make an immediate impact and literally changed the direction of my life forever. Tim has been a coach and colleague of mine that has evolved into a friend.
CEO Vondrell Leadership

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