"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to them their own." Benjamin Disraeli

Executive coaching is an interactive and dynamic partnership that enhances individual and organizational performance to achieve extraordinary results. Our advisors work with individuals in many dimensions including business, career, finances, as well as health and relationships to expand their capacity (versus dependency) for effective learning and self-sustaining action. Our coaching processes are co-developed with you using systems and practices that leverage “real time” scenarios to add velocity to your development.

We employ thoroughly researched and tested concepts, tools, and methods which enable and accelerate learning which, when applied, lead to better decisions, effective action, and breakthrough results.

We offer coaching individually, in groups within companies and in groups from different companies. Our solutions are co-created with clients to ensure they address your specific needs. A typical engagement is a minimum of six months in length to ensure all learning is fully integrated and the desired outcomes have been accomplished.

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Tim JohnPress is one of the most amazing coaches I’ve ever known. He walks his talk with integrity, passion and drive. I’ve worked with Tim on various leadership development engagements and have a deep appreciation for how he has fearlessly and thoughtfully assisted me and clients to unlock their potential and achieve their personal and professional visions. He does so with a remarkable mixture of strength, innovation and vulnerability. If you are ready to achieve your next-level goal or dream - call Tim!

BONNEY MEYER Managing Partner Executive, Business and Lifestyle coach

I worked with Tim when he was a principal at Stagen and he served as my executive coach. Tim is incredibly personable, an expert in his chosen areas of leadership development, corporate alignment, and innovation and motivation. Tim helped my organization grow from worst in class to best in class with his innovative approaches to maximizing human performance while achieving alignment, intention and focus amongst the leadership team. I wholly recommend Tim's work as he has served as a mentor, friend, and business confidant of mine for several years.

TRAVIS RODERICK Owner/Managing Director P3 Health Solutions, LLC