"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." Galileo Galilei
Interactive group dialogue designed to leverage the collective intelligence, experience and potential of a group.

Successfully navigating critical junctures is vital to the long-term success of any business. Facilitated meetings are an effective way to harness the collective intelligence of a group or team to yield higher quality results in less time.

Where training involves telling and teaching participants – facilitation is a process of self-discovery. As facilitators, we observe not only individuals but the interaction between individuals and prevailing group dynamics. Through our observations, feedback, and strategic inquiry we illuminate new insights and perspectives that drive the group to higher learning, synergy and successful outcomes.

Key benefits of facilitation are…

Tapping the intellectual capital and full potential of all participants

Increased levels of trust and respect among participants

Participants address difficult questions and decisions with creativity and courage

Meeting objectives are accomplished on time

Participants fortify alignment, commitment and buy-in amongst themselves

We’ll help you prepare and lead successful business meetings, planning sessions, and project meetings, applying an array of tools and techniques to ensure your meetings are well-planned, dynamic and a valuable use of time.

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I brought Tim in to facilitate a key training with my Senior Leadership Team while I was GM at the Crossings. I have worked with many facilitators, coaches and consultants over the years but few if any could match Tim's energy, intensity and ability to cut to the core issues facing a leadership team. Tim has a deep grasp of advanced conceptual models as well as a very accessible and down to earth delivery and the combination enables him to produce tangible results in a rapid fashion. Highly recommended!

MICHAEL REIFF VP Product Management NetSpend Corporation