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Tova JohnPress


A seasoned Executive Leadership Consultant, Personal Coach and business owner, Tova has a rich background in individual and organizational dynamics.  She has over 10+ years’ experience developing and coaching executive leaders and leadership programs, as well as working with business owners and entrepreneurs.  Tova’s broad knowledge base in human behavior and development coupled with business expertise enables leaders at all levels to accelerate personal growth and business performance. Her unwavering commitment to developing consciously competent leaders generates clients, teams and organizations that perform with improved alignment, productivity and clarity enabling them to craft extraordinary and sustainable bottom line results.

A lifelong student of humanity and a committed student of herself, Tova’s passion and the central focus of her life have been how human beings grow and develop in wisdom and personal effectiveness.  She has a talent for creating the kind of compassionate and focused environment within which people readily stretch into their potential. She provides a pathway for individuals to make the highest and best use of themselves, their lives and their leadership by helping them more fully deploy all of who they are to lead a life consistent with their highest aspirations. Tova brings a grounded presence, keen intuition and razor sharp focus to her coaching assisting clients to expand self-awareness, courageously communicate with others, build effective and fulfilling relationships and generate successful financial outcomes.

A graduate of The School for The Work of Byron Katie, Tova powerfully translates The Work into her coaching by facilitating clients as they question beliefs and behavioral patterns that derail success. A hallmark of her coaching is that it is profoundly transformational. Specifically, by identifying and upgrading one’s personal IOS (Internal Operating System), individuals create coherence within themselves and their teams, and become more effective at unlocking the collective wisdom of the organizations they lead. Clients find that for the first time they are truly capable of mastering their leadership.

Tova provides executive and personal coaching, education, facilitation, and consulting services.  She is certified in The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment, The Promise of Leadership, Leader To Leader Training and Pulse Survey Assessment.  A sampling of Tova’s clients includes Honda, Wells Fargo, Cypress Point Wealth Management, Luminex Corporation, Texas Reliability Entity, Austin Sign Works, The University of Texas Medical Science Center San Antonio, The Medical University of South Carolina and various prestigious law firms in the greater Dallas and Austin, TX area.

Prior to her coaching career, Tova graduated summa cum laude with her BA in Psychology from Wheaton College in 1989.  After completing her training at The New England Center for Autism in Framingham, MA she dedicated her early twenties to educating and managing severely autistic adolescents and adults. In her thirties, as a certified muscular and massage therapist, she ran a successful full-time private practice.  She currently resides with her husband Tim and daughter Ally in Austin, TX.